Collaborative Governance & Framing

Collaborative Governance

Geneforum’s style of engagement is committed to democratic practice, not advocacy.

As point of departure, a Sponsor, Receptor Site, and/or Legislator identifies and raises an issue (or opportunity) that calls for a collaborative (partnership) response.


Conveners (e.g., Geneforum) and participants (citizens and experts) frame (or reframe) the issue to open the way for deliberation (e.g., create scenarios/framing workshops designed to stimulate participants’ thoughts, imaginations, and feelings -- a stimulus for discussion.

Framing sessions consist of several steps:

  1. Participants share perspectives and experiences;
  2. Develop approaches to solving the problems reflective of underlying group values and principles;
  3. ID benefits, drawbacks, actions for implementation and unintended consequences and trade-offs for each approach.
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