What leaders are saying about Geneforum

"The development of public opinion and public policy in this area is in its early stages. Solid fact, clear statement of options, open debate about choices among the competing values are what is needed. Geneforum is content rich, bringing many perspectives to any discussion or conversation." -- Joann Boughman, Executive VP, The American Society of Human Genetics

"Geneforum has done a good job of creating a one stop spot on the web for valuable information about genetics and public policy." -- Tim Leshan, National Human Genome Research Institute

"A strength of Geneforum is their innovative ideas for engaging the public in policy dialogues regarding genetics." -- Debra Doyle, State Genetics Coordinator, and Manager, Genetics Services, Washington Department of Health

"Geneforum takes on tough issues in a disciplined and public way." -- Mary Henderson, Executive Director, HIPAA Program, Kaiser Permanente

"Geneforum is a leader in providing the public, legislators and policy makers with information regarding the public's understanding and values regarding advances in genetics. In Oregon, Geneforum is the only organization exclusively dedicated to education of the public on these matters." -- Thomas Stoel, Founding Partner, Stoel-Rives, LLB, and Co-Trustee, Rose Tucker Charitable Trust

"[Geneforum] certainly gets an "A" for effort." -- Eric Juengst, Professor, Center for Biomedical Ethics, Case Western Reserve University, and Former Chief, Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications Program, National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health

"The organization has achieved some laudable accomplishments. It has sponsored public opinion research that can inform policy makers. It has created a high quality interactive web site, held town meetings, and engaged the media to reach a broader audience. The founders continue to write, lecture, and testify about the issues. Geneforum's mission is vital to our democratic form of society." -- Nancy Stueber, President, Oregon Museum of Science & Industry

"Geneforum did a very good job informing decision makers in the Oregon Legislature last year." -- Stuart Kaplan, Member, National Board of Directors, ACLU

"Geneforum has been successful in getting the Oregon public interested in genetics." -- Alissa Johnson, Policy Associate, National Conference of State Legislatures

"Geneforum is extremely well done, professional yet accessible, and a much-needed resource." -- Lisa Weasel, Professor, Department of Biology, Portland State University

"Promoting informed public conversation is a noble and wonderful purpose; Geneforum is the only one I know that is exclusively committed to promoting such conversation about genetics." -- Erik Parens, Associate, Philosophical Studies, The Hastings Center

"Geneforum has done a fabulous job of getting up and running with distinctive and recognizable 'product,' such as the web site in record time and in attracting the support of other organizations with money and like interests." -- Nancy Press, Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Public Health, Oregon Health & Sciences University

"Neither industry nor academia can be the ones to actually lay [all the social and ethical issues] on the table - because neither has complete credibility with the public. It's only the trusted intermediaries who can perform that function…and I think Geneforum fits that role." -- Carl Feldbaum, President of the Biotechnology Industry Organization

"Most Americans probably don't think of DNA unless they read about it in a news article about crime, but genetics is becoming quite important in many other aspects of life, such as health care, and death, such as the database created at the site of the World Trade Center. Genetics is sneaking up on people as a hot issue and Geneforum could play a role in helping Americans understand it." -- Susannah Fox, Director of Research, Pew Internet & American Life Project

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