Gene Doping Guide

On February 11, 2005, Geneforum and Portland State University co-sponsored a public forum on the subject of gene doping. The public forum brought together a top scientist, an Olympic athlete, a top bioethicist and a NPR sports journalist. The objective of the forum was to provide the public with an overview of the science and ethical, legal and social issues associated with gene doping (see Expert Presentations link below). This guide is designed to continue that conversation.

The Gene Doping guide is integrated with the Genetizen – a blog authored by experts in the field of bioethics, genetics, and healthcare who comment on and analyze current developments in the field.

A key feature of this guide is its peer-review capability i.e., the ability for visitors to contribute and interact with the content. Comments are enabled at the bottom of every page. However, if you'd like to submit your own story click Your Stories on the menu bar.

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