Alternative sources of stem cells doesn't pass House

Overlooked in the hype about Bush's veto of "stem cell enhancement bill", which started out as H.B. 810, is the third of the stem cell bill package: S.2754. This bill is intended to direct NIH to fund research to derive human pluripotent stem cell lines using techniques that do not knowingly harm embryos. S.2754 is also known as the Santorum bill.

The Senate passed this bill unanimously (by counting yeas and nays) and turned the bill over to the House for its first consideration. On 18 July, the bill failed to pass, not being agreed to in the House. A motion was made to suspend the rules and pass the bill failed by yeas and nays 273 to 154 (a 2/3 majority is required).

I cannot tell whether the Senate-passed bill is still alive.

One possible reason for problems in the House maybe the bill (HR 5526 IH) the House introduced 6 June with a similar purpose, although--as far as I can tell, the bills are identical.

Marie Godfrey, PhD

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