The end of stem cell research? Hardly

My thanks today to Arthur Caplan, PhD, for his comments on stem cell research--in direct contrast to mine yesterday about stem cell research fizzling. His article--whose title I stole for this blog entry--can be accessed at

In addition to discussing the demise of Hwang and his research, Caplan comments on a fact well-known among scientists but not always effectively transmitted to the public:

In fact it has proven very hard to clone many animals including most monkeys and primates. While human embryonic cloning will happen it may not happen for years.

People wanted to believe--including those who flooded the World Stem Cell Hub website with applications to participate in stem cell studies. Caplan suggests Hwang got away with the hoax--admittedly it was for only a short time--because people are so convinced that stem cells and the "cloning" needed to create them are possible.

Thanks, Arthur for your thoughtful contribution to the latest news.

Marie Godfrey, PhD

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