Will spit parties replace Botox parties?

It all starts with a simple invitation from a friend: "You are invited to join the group Slow Caffeine Metabolizers", date, time, location. You are more likely to receive an invitation if you're one of those who has money and feels as comfortable in evening dress as in jeans and teeshirt. And, if you're "IN".

They call them "spit parties" and the plan is that--sometime in the evening--you will spit into a cotton-filled tube, donating enough of your DNA for a commercial operation to analyze it for single nucleotidepolymorphisms (SNPs). Meanwhile, you are building the sponsoring company's database.

The company hopes to "make spitting into a test tube as stylish as ordering a ginger martini," according to a recent article in the New York Times.

Gimicks, hype, hope--whatever!

I was instantly reminded of Botox parties, where those with money could purchase a fresh, new face--without those unsightly wrinkles. Meanwhile, mortgages are being foreclosed, hurricanes are drenching cities, and many families would be happy to have the $399 many will pay for a DNA test.

Excuse me, while I wash the bitter taste from my mouth.

Marie Godfrey, PhD


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