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Wow, have I been out of touch lately! A few weeks ago, when I returned to Oregon after selling my home in Utah, I logged in and promised to start posting blogs again.

Didn't make it. So, let's try again.

My personal news is that the Godfrey genetic pool has been increased by one beautiful baby boy, born to first-time parents. He doesn't look like any family member in particular, but does have a couple of features we suspect are genetically determined.

Now that I have access more often to a computer, I will be trying to post more regularly.

Here are some subjects I'm finding of personal interest at the moment. Let me know how these fit with your interests.

  • The genetics of autism--how much of this problem is inherited, how much from the "environment"?
  • The genetics of race--are we really as different as some of us think?
  • Learning about genetics--if who I am was determined before I was even born, what can I learn by reading about inheritance?

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Marie Godfrey, PhD


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