Thank you, Johns Hopkins University Alumni Foundation

I have just decided that I can afford to return to being a real scientist--one who reads original publications, not just extracts and reports on them in public media. For some time, I have known that Johns Hopkins allows me, as an alumnus, access to its libraries online. I just haven't really dug in and used that privilege.

A recent reminder, and the helpful person who sent me my alumna ID number, allowed me to sign up and access the real article I described in my blog posted less than an hour ago! Now, I'm really in business and can read the original stuff rather than always relying on "translations". Sure, I could go to one or more of the local universities--there are many in Portland--but, I'm essentially lazy and have a short attention span. By the time I managed to get there, I would have forgotten what I was looking for.

Anyway, I logged in. Took me a bit because--ironically--my ID number was flagged as incorrect. And, after some stumbling, I found the British Medical Journal and printed out the original article. Now, I can make corrections to the blog entry--and will do so as an "update" comment. 

Thanks again, JHU, you've proven that my education was worth all the work.

Marie Godfrey, PhD

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