Paternity test in drug store--update

Sometimes I'm more in tune with the day's news than I realize. I checked out a news lead about two hours after my last blog entry and found that MSNBC news is today announcing the expansion of the availability of the "drugstore" paternity test. Here are the links you may follow for more information:

a news article: Who's Your Daddy?

a video: DIY paternity test debuts

Having lived in Mormon country for more than 35 years, I can help but wonder whether "The Church" has found a new way to add people to its rolls. Beware of those nice young men who may appear at your door wearing suits and sporting nametags.

Ouch! My apologies to my friends in Utah and Idaho for the blatant dig. I just lived too long as a non-Mormon in the Land of Zion.

Marie Godfrey, PhD

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