How to find specific blog entries

Because our organization is currently operating on no outside fundiing, we've chosen to keep our website simple. One loss, as far as I'm concerned, is the inability to search for specific blog entries using key words. I'm sorry that is the case. A search engine that is not flexible enough to find what you are looking for is worse, we believe, than nothing.

So, here's what you do if you are interested in a particular topic: click on the linkis at the left, by subject. There was only one entry in bioweapons--the blogger quit almost immediately, so that's not on the list. However, the other general topics are. They look really weird, you say. That's true, but for some programming reason I do not understand, such topic lists look weird on a number of sites--including those written by professionals who really know their html, etc.

If you want what's been written lately, click on the current month on the right side of the screen. If you want to start earlier, go down the list. Personally, I hate the list because it shows how often I've deviated from my initial intents of one blog entry a day--OUCH! But, it's any easy way to find something you saw yesterday or possibly a month or two ago.

If you are unable to find what you want, register as a site user--we need a valid e-mail address--and post a comment. A number of us are able to review and publish comments and I try to respond when a specific question is asked. By the way, don't bother attaching an advertising web link to your e-mail. I remove them if I find the rest of the comment appropriate for publishing.

If this website is going too slowly for you, or you have a topic that never seems to be discussed, HOP ON IN! We welcome new bloggers.

Oh, and while I'm on disclosures,you can see my credentials by clicking on the Genetizen tab at the top of the page. My degree in genetics helps me understand much of what I read, but I do not want anyone to think I'm a physician. 

If you've read this far in this very boring--today--blog entry, thank you. I hope you'll check in again for more interesting stuff. 

Marie Godfrey, PhD 

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