Public Health Genomics

Geneforum is creating a new thread on public health genomics, a way to think about public health problems in the Genetic Age. In the opinion of many, Genomics, the study of the complete set of genetic information in an organism, will be to the 21st century what infectious disease was to 20th century public health. According to Muin Khoury, Director, Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "The ultimate challenge of public health genomics is to determine the benefits of using genetic informaiton to target interventions that improve health and prevent disease."

Toward this end, educating and training the public health workforce, other healthcare providers, and citizens will be paramount to integrating this new knowledge into existing public health programs. Genomic education is important for public health professionals and their private sector counterparts so that they can provide integrated and qualified medical care. For the rest of us, it is a critical part of making informed decisions about our own healthcare management.

With this focus on education--and for the next several months--this blog will be coordinated by Tyler Johnson, a graduate of Portland State University and currently a student in a new course on public health genomics being offered by the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota.

We think you will benefit from participating in this blog and welcome your input!

Greg Fowler, Ph.D, Executive Director, Geneforum.


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