Preimplantation genetic diagnosis--opinions

There's a series of comments at that relate to a WorldView blog titled, Playing God in the DNA Age that you might find interesting. Susan Olasky writes as follows:

PGD is the method by which doctors test an embryo to see if it carries a gene for hereditary diseases like breast cancer and colon cancer, "that may or may not develop later in life, and are often treatable if they do." According to the New York Times, "already, it is possible to test embryos for an inherited form of deafness or a mild skin condition, or for a predisposition to arthritis or obesity. Some clinics test for gender. As scientists learn more about the genetic basis for inherited traits, and as people learn more about their genetic makeup, the embryo screening menu and its array of ethical dilemmas are only expected to grow. 'From a technology perspective we can test anything,' said Mark Hughes, director of the Genesis Genetics Institute in Detroit, who is performing P.G.D. this month for two couples who want to avoid passing on a susceptibility to breast cancer. 'The issue becomes what is considered serious enough to warrant such testing and who decides that.'"

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Marie Godfrey, PhD

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