Public support for genetics

A recent online poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal Online and Harris Interactive Healthcare demonstrates that the U.S. public is generally supportive of genetic technologies.

[via Yahoo News] 

"While only five percent of all adults have ever had a genetic test to study their DNA, the vast majority of U.S. adults (93%) feel that genetic science is a good thing, and few (only 1%) feel it is a bad thing. Furthermore, most adults are supportive of using genetic information for purposes such as to identify criminals (93%) and to treat disease (87%)."

The overwhelmingly positive response is a nice surprise to me.  It renews my faith that people can see past the sensationalism often attached to genetics to the usefulness of this science for criminal justice, medicine, and predictive screening.

The poll also gauged public opinion about discrimination in employment, life insurance and health insurance.  A strong majority (80%) agreed that genetic information should not be used by companies to affect eligibility for jobs or insurance coverage.

To summarize, the public supports the use of genetics in ways that will benefit and disagrees with the use of genetics to discriminate. 

Makes sense to me. 

Nicole Teed, MS, CGC 

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