DNA samples for future study

The day before my husband died, I gave consent to have blood samples taken from him for storage and possible studies on the genetics of brain cancer. I did this primarily for our children and their children.

If, in the next 5 or 10 years a study is planned to identify some of the genetic connections for glioblastoma multiforme, I can have his DNA used in that study. I can also reclaim the DNA sample for my family's use if I wish. Meanwhile, the information in his DNA sample is protected from use except for the study for which I gave informed consent.

Although I could have purchased a genetic test available from one or more companies offering such testing, I know of no current information on the genetic components of brain cancer, except for sensitivity to Temodar, the current standard chemotherapy. There would have been no immediate benefit to my family and his DNA information would have been exposed to possible privacy invasion.

As I recover from the trauma of his death--45 days after the diagnosis of a brain tumor and 22 days after he slipped into a post-surgery coma--I will return to writing blog entries.  

Marie Godfrey, PhD 

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