Winning genetic science entry

I want to recognize today Alaina Hahn -- a Tualatin, Oregon high school student who is the winner of the first national genetic science essay contest.

According to station KGW, "Hahn's essay beat more than 12-hundred entries from 34 states. The essays were judged on the basis of critical thinking, creativity and organization and scientific accuracy."

Congratulations, Alaina, on your quality writing. You chose to write about your rare genetic condition and share knowledge with others who do not know about Alagille Syndrome -- a rare inherited disorder affecting the liver. I didn't know about the condition, and I suspect many, many others in the U.S. did not, either. You've helped us learn, at the same time you expressed your own interests in research about this syndrome.

And now, readers of this blog can also learn about the condition -- check out the following resources:

Plus, here's more about the essay contest.

Marie Godfrey, PhD

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