Ethics and stem cell research

On Tuesday morning, I hope to be interviewing Dr. Insoo Hyun of Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. Dr. Hyun, a bioethicist, spent the summer in South Korea interviewing people involved in stem cell research, including Dr. Hwang (who developed 11 new stem cell lines using nuclear transfer). He was also able to interview people opposing stem cell research and those working at regulatory agencies.

I have come up with 12 questions in about 7 different categories and am looking forward to a lively conversation. After editing and review, these questions will become part of Geneforum's resources for readers to examine at their leisure. Which reminds me--have you checked out the other interviews we have available? Check on the grey bar at the top of the page for Resources--you'll find lots of stuff to look at.  And, there are subjects other than stem cells that may be interesting to you.

Marie Godfrey, PhD

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