Our focus

When we began this blog, we decided to focus on public policy and stem cells, in line with Geneforum's focus on public involvement. Right now, we're looking at the legislative actions in Washington, DC. Since things are slow there, I've been picking up Google alerts that interest me and discussing them. I've also provided a 7-part series on bone marrow tranplants so readers can learn more about adult stem cells and their use. In the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting questions and answers from a U.S. bioethicist recently immersed in the stem cell research in Korea.

The number of stem cell blogs has been growing recently, and a number of them are advertising on Google and other search engine sites. Naturally, I don't want to lose any readers, but many of you probably also look into other stem cell blogs, so I'd like to tell you about a new one that provides clean, unbiased information and links to other articles and sites: Stem Cell Research Progress Blog, at http://www.newdrugs.com/stemcells/?g).  

Remember to ask questions when you have them. I'm eager to help.

Marie Godfrey, PhD

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