June 16 update

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said June 15 he hoped to have a vote within a month on the controversial issue of expanding federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. He agrees with Bush's 2001 limitations on the research but also said, "It is time, with advancing science, that we review where we are, review not just the president's policy, but where is science today." He also said he would not promote research that "crosses certain ethical guidelines."

Frist did not specify whether the Senate's starting point would be the House bill (H.B. 810) or less controversial alternatives that do not use embryos (H. B. 2540).

Oregon Republican Gordon Smith said there has been some discussion among Republicans about a vote by the end of June. Several Democratic aides said they expected a vote soon after the Senate returns from its July 4 recess. [Info comes from Reuters AlertNet]      

Marie Godfrey, PhD
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